SPECIAL OFFER - CANVAS 1100 x 760mm ish (composition dependent) normally $349-00 NOW $249-00

Who are we ?

After over 20 fantastic years in Auckland we saw a brighter light and moved to Matamata.

There was no real plan but we found ourselves owning a retail store in the main street and quickly developed it into an eclectic mish mash of all sorts of stuff for the home.

Retail is evolving so the obvious next move was an online presence.  The task was not so simple though, our retail name is more aimed at the Matamata locals so we had to come up with an alternative and now we have BLACK STUFF – we find cool stuff.  Online is a great resource, it means all those items sitting in supplier warehouse’s and not in my store are now available to my customers, it might mean there is no instant gratification but good stuff comes to those that wait.

Why shop with us?   We love this business, it is so much fun pulling together items to help add flair to people’s homes.  Down here in little ole Matamata we even do home visits, the luxury of living in a small town.

So, shop til ya drop people, flick us any questions you have, even if you need advice, send us a phone photo and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

Bye for now,

Marnie & Paul

Black Stuff (We find cool stuff)


Kodak and Black  07 888-8560