T's & C's

It’s a fact of life,  we have to have terms and conditions, and it is recommended you read these before you shop till you drop as we are all bound by them if you web or retail shop with us. If there is anything you don't understand then feel free to call us on 07 888-8560 or e:

The T's and C's may change between visits to our site so run a quick squizz over them frequently.


Just remember, if any issues arise on your computer after visiting us be it virus or anything else gremlin like, we cannot be held liable.


You need to pay the costs shown on our site, sometimes the freight fees can vary.


Whatever we advertise includes GST 

We have the right to change our pricing without notice but will endeavor to be open and honest at all times, sometimes due to human error we may make a blunder but integrity will always prevail and we will do our utmost to sort it out.   Specials are especially sensitive as the pricing is ‘while stocks last’ and as mentioned before, freight can be a bit changeable.


In stock or not in stock, that's a good question?


As mentioned on the opening page, most of our stock is pre-order.

We wish we could say we will do our utmost to make sure they are always here but it is not that easy, yes we are human!!! If you really need to know urgently then call us during working hours 9 to 4.30 or email  and we will advise.  Sometimes we have to delete products from our selection and we can do this with no notice to the consumer.


Is that the real color?


Due to different calibrations on computer screens and the diverse ranges of photography quality the colors may differ. Unfortunate and also no remedy.


Incorrect Pricing

Sometimes due to human error the pricing may be incorrect.  We reserve the right to advise the correct pricing.


Choose wisely

Please make sure you choose wisely as we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges. If in doubt, email an inquiry 


We promise our online transactions with our clients are via secure pathways and your privacy is assured.  We will not share your details with other parties unless it relates to a situation that needs information to conclude your transaction (so to your benefit) or if we are in a negative situation brought about by the customer eg theft , fraud or other discrepancies.  


Shipping and delivery

Please send an email for extra costs 

Large items and furniture are by enquiry only to attain shipping costs.



If the goods are faulty please contact us on and a full refund including freight will be arranged.